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LoNam Verlag

In March 2005, the first readers were able to hold the LoNam Magazine in their hands. Since then, much has changed, both for the editorial team and the magazine itself. Of course, our goal is always to meet the needs of our readers and we always have an open ear for you.

We are often asked why we chose "LoNam" as the name for the magazine. "Lo'Nam" means "sunrise" in Feefee, a Cameroonian language. We have made this our guiding principle because the sunrise symbolizes hope and positive thinking, which is the foundation for success. However, we do not intend to sugarcoat the facts; we want to portray events as they are. In doing so, we aim to differentiate ourselves from afro-pessimistic media that mainly focus on war, famine, and suffering, as well as from those that only highlight the positive aspects of Africa.

The magazine is written in German to cater to both Germans and Africans living in Germany. With over 2,000 African languages and additional official languages such as English, French, and Portuguese, a choice had to be made. We do not want to exclude anyone, which is why we chose the German language that unites everyone living in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our goal is to provide you with information about Africa and the everyday lives of Africans in Germany. However, entertainment should also have its place.

Since April 2009, the LoNam Magazine has been published every two months. This brings several advantages for the readers. Firstly, the editorial team has more time to conduct in-depth research on current events.


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